Are you a drifter?

Hello all,

I had a very eventful Sunday morning. I woke up and got ready to help my sis stock up for SANDY (not cheeks, the hurricane beating up the east coast). We walked into   Shoprite and when I mean there were no shopping carts-none, everybody and there P-Pop was in that damn market but that’s what happens when you do your hurricane survival shopping – the day before the freaking hurricane. Anyway, while my sister and I was standing in a surprisingly short line (they were getting people in and out of that Shoprite quickly, YES!) I read the latest Cosmo.

The magazine had many great articles but what really caught my attention was an article on drifting through life, which made me buy the magazine.  The article defined drifting as settling for whatever life throws at you and not making important decisions about your own life. For example, did you choose to have a boyfriend? Or, did you like him because he liked you first?  Another example, I have known people that will continue to stay in relationships until they find someone else to take them out of the relationship, so basically they cheat themselves out of a relationship instead of leaving because they are unhappy.  Now here’s the drift, the person in the relationship will not take ACTION or make the DECISION to find another boy/girl. They will take any person that is willing to bark up their tree.

This article got me thinking, am I a drifter? I do think I’m a day dreamer, a type of person that always looks to a positive future even though my present isn’t exactly what I want it to be.  This made me realizes that I’m indeed a drifter because I settle for certain things in my life even if it makes me upset, angry, or miserable.

So how can I change from autopilot to Action? The first step the mag recommends is realizing you are a drifter (check). Second step, begin doing things that you like to do and enjoy. Cosmo recommends getting up an hour earlier in the morning to do whatever you like, that recommendation may be a struggle but I’ll try it. Third, create a blog to keep track of what you’re actually doing, and blogging is fun.  Lastly, but the most important step, Cosmo suggest changing the way you speak to yourself, throw out the I can’t, I don’t care and similar slogans and replace them with I want, I like, I feel to express your feelings or beliefs about situations. Most importantly, if you don’t like a situation or don’t want to do something SPEAK UP about it.

This article really made me look at my life and the things that I currently dislike but haven’t made the decision to change for myself. I’m going to continue to update this post because I want to see my own growth and finally come out of drift mode in certain sections of my life. I’ll dig a little deeper and explain the parts of my life that I set to autopilot.

Stay safe.

– Until:)


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