Month: November 2012

If I won the lottery!

I never played the lottery before a day in my life. Why? I just don’t think my chances would be very high and I’m just not a gambler.  If one day I decided to smack down some money on a ticket and actually won the lottery this is what I’d do:

If I won the $40 Million jackpot I would…

1. Not be on television telling the world… ain’t nobody got time for that lol

2. I would give 3/4 th of my winnings to my parents, so they don’t have to work anymore, get a new house ,and be set. (In this case using the $40 M jackpot , my parents would have $30 Million )

3. I would take my ass back to work , but this time working would be different because I wouldn’t actually have to work, so if the boss is out of line one day this is all I’m going to say ,”I don’t need this my man got two jobs!” lol.

I’m pretty sure working would be different if I didn’t actually have to work to save and survive because I had  $10 Milli of my winnings cooking in the pot.

Whoever won the lottery this go around good luck and happy spending.



Haters Never Prosper

These are some encouraging words for a special person in my life – my biggest hater.

Dear Hater,

I’ve got so much more for you to be mad at.

Just be patient.


All jokes aside if you’re being hated on by anyone for any reason remember this


As A Man Thinketh

I’ve begun reading The Secret, a book that’s all about the law of attraction. This isn’t the first time that I’ve read this book; I’ve actually read it two times (halfway) and have watched the movie on Netflix.  The third time was the charm because I actually understand why the author Rhonda Byrne believes the law of attraction is so important for people to use in their lives.

When I first read The Secret I thought it was a crock of s%$T because I couldn’t fix it in my head that thinking more positively or clearing thinking only about what you want out of life could create a series of events that would make everything go your way. When I tried to “test” out this theory it didn’t work, so I didn’t continue reading the book, instead I watched the movie. After watching the movies, I still thought this idea was too good to be true and it couldn’t work because if it did then why are so many people in poverty or going through such hard times? Those individuals couldn’t possibly be thinking their way into these types of circumstances, right?

This time around I actually put all my bias away and read the book. I’m not finished but I gave The Secret a shot and it’s a pretty good book.  I’m currently at the half way through and I’m beginning to understand how my thoughts have affected my views on life. Sometimes I can think a little too negatively or act a little woe is me, and that focus on those types of  events create a spotlight for similar events to happen to me. From reading the book I understand that’s focusing on those types of events will create the very situations that I don’t want, which is true.  Like this one day I was at my Uncle’s house for a family party. This party was right after I got a detention because I “skipped gym” …anyway  to make a long story short, my aunt was called by the  principle  and she  informed my father and mother what happened at school . The next time I saw my aunt was at the family get-together at my uncle’s house. I was so embarrassed.  I didn’t want to see her or do anything that would bring attention to me.  I remember thinking “please don’t let my aunt ask me about my detention”, so while I was at this party I avoided her at every chance and everything was going good … until prayer.  I remember running upstairs for something and walking back downstairs in the basement to join everyone  in prayer.   Then all of a sudden everything went heltaskelta (Philly Slang meaning, Crazy as hell).  Guess who tumbled down the basement stairs stopping at the feet of the aunt that she just so happen to be avoiding… me.

She then asked me, “so how’s school?” Now if I didn’t think that shit up, who did?

So here’s the project, I’m going to continue reading The Secret then I’m going to actually put the book’s theory to the test ( once again ,but without my bias thoughts) , I’m going to spend five minutes a day for at least a month thinking about what I actually want out of life and see what happens.

I’ll create a list of my wants and keep this post updated.

So go out and buy The Secret or just watch it on Netflix or YouTube and, hold all your opinions until you’ve finished the book. Who knows maybe you could create your own project to test The Secret’s theory.

Oh, yes the fall did hurt (on the inside and the outside lol).


I Wanna Go: The Wardrobe Boutique Blogger Bash

Hello All,


Thursday night, after the brutally cold Nor’easter on Wednesday, my sister and I attended the Wardrobe Boutique Blogger Bash hosted by the Career Wardrobe.  Fashion and lifestyle bloggers from around the Tri-State area were invited to this event to learn thrifting techniques and get a peek at the hottest trends this holiday season.  Stylists Jessie Holeva of TrendHungry and Naima Turner of StylePoohBahs gave great fashion tips during the event.  They created outfits with clothing and accessories within the boutique, each of the outfits presented by the stylists highlighted a different holiday trend. For example, Jessie’s looks featured fur, texture and sequins which is big this season. Naima’s created looks using the bold color and pattern trend.

They also gave great career advice. I had tons of questions about marketing and breaking into the fashion/beauty industry.  Jessie and Naima were very nice when giving me advice about my future career goals. My take away from the conversations I had with each of them was to have faith and go after my dreams, that’s what they did and they both achieved very much.

I also learned more about blogging at this event. Initially when I was invited to the Blogger Bash I was a little shy because my blog is only a few months old and I didn’t have a following yet.  After many conversations I learned how to increase my blog subbies and other tips and tricks to promote my brand.  I took away great ideas from each blogger, while getting to know them better.

Overall, the Blogger Bash was beautiful. I learned so much about blogging, fashion, and my future career goals; in addition to meeting new and interesting people.

For more information about the Career Wardrobe, click here.

Check the pictures below 🙂

Jessic Holeva                      

Pretty Pretty

Naima Turner

Blogger Event Attendee



Shoes and Clothes

Guest Blogger: What Type Time You On?

Now, I’m going to be honest.  I don’t work in the most traditionally “professional” environment.  A suit is a style choice, not a requirement.  Dress Down Friday is really dressed down (it’s actually my favorite day to work because I can wear jeans. Yay, Me!!).  There’s less pressure than most places.  I mean really…compared to other places that I’ve work, this job is a dream.  All they ask is that you DO YOUR JOB and BE RESPECTFUL.  You wouldn’t think that is a problem but…

Let’s talk about last Friday.  On the whole, it started out pretty quiet.  No bosses were around.  The atmosphere was pretty chill.  People were conversing freely while typing.  And then, it happened.  The moment where being comfortable and keeping it real went so horribly wrong.

A couple of co-workers were having an obviously personal conversation about child support and dead beat daddies, when one of them thought that it was appropriate to say that six letter word that should bring traffic to a halt in any professional setting.  Think about it…Think about it…You got it!!!  The d%^$ N-word!

Now, the first time she said the word I thought that maybe she was caught up in the passion of the moment and it just slipped out.  However, after the fourth and fifth time, I wanted to curl up in a little ball and find a home under my desk.  Did I mention that these were two Black females?

Now, I am a Black female and I refuse to be hypocritical.  I’m not going to pretend that I never said the N-word.  However, I’ve always thought that there was a little red dashed line that everyone knew not to cross -the line that separates home/street conversations and professional conversations.  As Asia Star says, “What type time you on?”  When was it every okay to use that word in an office building?  How are you that comfortable that you can blurt it out loudly in a room with a racially mixed crowd?  Why are you not embarrassed?  These are all of the questions that I thought to myself as I typed furiously and tried to distance myself from what was happening behind me.

I’d love to say that this is the first time that the word has been used by these same women in the same way.  In fact, I actually had a conversation about how inappropriate the use of the word was in the office with them.  It’s obvious that was a waste of my time.  So…I guess I’m going to have to use other methods because I refuse to have these ladies embarrass me again.  It’s time to make our work environment a little less comfortable.  From now on, I’m going to try my best to call them on every racially insensitive statement that they make.  I’m going to tow the hard line because obviously common sense isn’t part of these women’s make-up.

Now, Em’s thinks that I’m doing way too much?  What do you think?

~Real Talk with BrixNStix

Girl Problems: Money


A few days ago, I watched a video by one of my favorite YouTubers BritPopPrincess.  She created a series of videos called Girl Problems each video describes a different “girl problem” and  BrtitPopPrincess gives her advice on the subject. This week’s Girl Problems topic was on money. BritPopPrincess, a Beauty/Fashion guru, typically creates videos that show her monthly purchases ,which could make a person believe that she only spends her money on clothes and beauty products. This belief made me interested in finding out her views and advice on money. She gave great advice on how to save money and not let it slip through your fingers like sand.  For example, she told her subbies to think of future important purchases( like a house) save their money to purchase it for themselves. I was very happy to learn that she’s financially independent and encourages her subbies to be as well.

This video is a great way for me to view how other young people maintain their money, while I continue voyage to  financial independence.

Enjoy the video and subscribe to her channel. Click here. 



Hey everyone,

Saturday was a great day, yes it was as cold as what Mitt Romney  thinks about poor people, but it was still a good day. I hung out with my sisters. We went to our favorite thrift store called the Hamper Shop.   I found a lot of great Fall/Winter finds to do some layering. Oh, there is this really cool room where everything inside is a dollar, which made me go cray.  In that room, I found a great navy blue blazer with gold buttons, and caught fade with an old man who looked like Red Foreman from That 70’s Show.













Mind Ya Damn Business

This is how everything went down, my sister and I walked into the Dollar room. I turned around and saw the most beautifuliest (yes, I created the word)  blazer in the entire world. The blazer was soft to the touch and in this season, so I had to buy it. I tried the blazer on, and I asked my sister how it looked.  Before she could respond I hear, “It’s too tight”. I turned around to see if my sister throw her voice ventriloquize style, instead I see a Red look-a-like steering at me.  At first, I thought this older gentleman was joking.

My Scenario

Em’s: How do I look!

Sister: (Opens mouth but is cut off by Red)

Red: It’s too tight, just kidding the jacket looks great!

Em’s: ha ha thanks :).


Em’s: How do I look!

Sister😦 opens mouth but gets cut off by Red)

Red: NO, it’s too tight.

Em’s: (Turns around and looks at Red)

Sister: I think it’s cute.

Em’s: (still facing Red’s direction) I’ll go with your opinion.

Red: (Walks out of the room)

After Red left, I think to myself, “who asked Baldi-McGee?” Really, I tell you some people are crazy and need to mind their damn business. I didn’t ask Red if my blazer was too small. I didn’t even give him a reason to say anything because I didn’t ask him S^%T.

If the shoe was on the other foot he would’ve been upset too.

Setting: Red’s tries on a Blonde toupee at a local wig store in Philadelphia.

Red: Does this look ok?

Red’s Wife: (cut off by Em’s)

Em’s: No, it’s blonde and you have brunette rims.

Red 😦 Red looks at Em’s)

Now if that happened, he would’ve probably called me everything in the book except for a child of God.

Life Tip:

Don’t be like Red, mind ya damn business.


Gainfully Employed and CHEAP!

Greeting Peoples,

I’m gainfully employed (yay!) and have turned into the cheapest person I know. Currently, I’m pinching more pennies than Mr. Krabs.

I really don’t know why I act like this with money.  Let me rephrase that , I don’t understand why I act this way with my money because if it’s someone else’s  money I don’t give a damn care about the cost.  I’m so tight with my money now that I want to learn how to start couponing, which isn’t a bad thing, however being a cheapskate isn’t the best thing in the world ( that’s how a person ends up on the TLC show America’s Cheapskates). I do have a goal to become more responsible with money, so I won’t have to hold on to it like a five year old with a lollipop , or a hooker to her pimp (cray I know). Anyway, tell me your cheapskate stories or how you have become more financially independent because I really like  to know.