Gainfully Employed and CHEAP!

Greeting Peoples,

I’m gainfully employed (yay!) and have turned into the cheapest person I know. Currently, I’m pinching more pennies than Mr. Krabs.

I really don’t know why I act like this with money.  Let me rephrase that , I don’t understand why I act this way with my money because if it’s someone else’s  money I don’t give a damn care about the cost.  I’m so tight with my money now that I want to learn how to start couponing, which isn’t a bad thing, however being a cheapskate isn’t the best thing in the world ( that’s how a person ends up on the TLC show America’s Cheapskates). I do have a goal to become more responsible with money, so I won’t have to hold on to it like a five year old with a lollipop , or a hooker to her pimp (cray I know). Anyway, tell me your cheapskate stories or how you have become more financially independent because I really like  to know.




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