Hey everyone,

Saturday was a great day, yes it was as cold as what Mitt Romney  thinks about poor people, but it was still a good day. I hung out with my sisters. We went to our favorite thrift store called the Hamper Shop.   I found a lot of great Fall/Winter finds to do some layering. Oh, there is this really cool room where everything inside is a dollar, which made me go cray.  In that room, I found a great navy blue blazer with gold buttons, and caught fade with an old man who looked like Red Foreman from That 70’s Show.













Mind Ya Damn Business

This is how everything went down, my sister and I walked into the Dollar room. I turned around and saw the most beautifuliest (yes, I created the word)  blazer in the entire world. The blazer was soft to the touch and in this season, so I had to buy it. I tried the blazer on, and I asked my sister how it looked.  Before she could respond I hear, “It’s too tight”. I turned around to see if my sister throw her voice ventriloquize style, instead I see a Red look-a-like steering at me.  At first, I thought this older gentleman was joking.

My Scenario

Em’s: How do I look!

Sister: (Opens mouth but is cut off by Red)

Red: It’s too tight, just kidding the jacket looks great!

Em’s: ha ha thanks :).


Em’s: How do I look!

Sister😦 opens mouth but gets cut off by Red)

Red: NO, it’s too tight.

Em’s: (Turns around and looks at Red)

Sister: I think it’s cute.

Em’s: (still facing Red’s direction) I’ll go with your opinion.

Red: (Walks out of the room)

After Red left, I think to myself, “who asked Baldi-McGee?” Really, I tell you some people are crazy and need to mind their damn business. I didn’t ask Red if my blazer was too small. I didn’t even give him a reason to say anything because I didn’t ask him S^%T.

If the shoe was on the other foot he would’ve been upset too.

Setting: Red’s tries on a Blonde toupee at a local wig store in Philadelphia.

Red: Does this look ok?

Red’s Wife: (cut off by Em’s)

Em’s: No, it’s blonde and you have brunette rims.

Red 😦 Red looks at Em’s)

Now if that happened, he would’ve probably called me everything in the book except for a child of God.

Life Tip:

Don’t be like Red, mind ya damn business.




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