Girl Problems: Money


A few days ago, I watched a video by one of my favorite YouTubers BritPopPrincess.  She created a series of videos called Girl Problems each video describes a different “girl problem” and  BrtitPopPrincess gives her advice on the subject. This week’s Girl Problems topic was on money. BritPopPrincess, a Beauty/Fashion guru, typically creates videos that show her monthly purchases ,which could make a person believe that she only spends her money on clothes and beauty products. This belief made me interested in finding out her views and advice on money. She gave great advice on how to save money and not let it slip through your fingers like sand.  For example, she told her subbies to think of future important purchases( like a house) save their money to purchase it for themselves. I was very happy to learn that she’s financially independent and encourages her subbies to be as well.

This video is a great way for me to view how other young people maintain their money, while I continue voyage to  financial independence.

Enjoy the video and subscribe to her channel. Click here. 



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