I Wanna Go: The Wardrobe Boutique Blogger Bash

Hello All,


Thursday night, after the brutally cold Nor’easter on Wednesday, my sister and I attended the Wardrobe Boutique Blogger Bash hosted by the Career Wardrobe.  Fashion and lifestyle bloggers from around the Tri-State area were invited to this event to learn thrifting techniques and get a peek at the hottest trends this holiday season.  Stylists Jessie Holeva of TrendHungry and Naima Turner of StylePoohBahs gave great fashion tips during the event.  They created outfits with clothing and accessories within the boutique, each of the outfits presented by the stylists highlighted a different holiday trend. For example, Jessie’s looks featured fur, texture and sequins which is big this season. Naima’s created looks using the bold color and pattern trend.

They also gave great career advice. I had tons of questions about marketing and breaking into the fashion/beauty industry.  Jessie and Naima were very nice when giving me advice about my future career goals. My take away from the conversations I had with each of them was to have faith and go after my dreams, that’s what they did and they both achieved very much.

I also learned more about blogging at this event. Initially when I was invited to the Blogger Bash I was a little shy because my blog is only a few months old and I didn’t have a following yet.  After many conversations I learned how to increase my blog subbies and other tips and tricks to promote my brand.  I took away great ideas from each blogger, while getting to know them better.

Overall, the Blogger Bash was beautiful. I learned so much about blogging, fashion, and my future career goals; in addition to meeting new and interesting people.

For more information about the Career Wardrobe, click here.

Check the pictures below 🙂

Jessic Holeva                      

Pretty Pretty

Naima Turner

Blogger Event Attendee



Shoes and Clothes


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