As A Man Thinketh

I’ve begun reading The Secret, a book that’s all about the law of attraction. This isn’t the first time that I’ve read this book; I’ve actually read it two times (halfway) and have watched the movie on Netflix.  The third time was the charm because I actually understand why the author Rhonda Byrne believes the law of attraction is so important for people to use in their lives.

When I first read The Secret I thought it was a crock of s%$T because I couldn’t fix it in my head that thinking more positively or clearing thinking only about what you want out of life could create a series of events that would make everything go your way. When I tried to “test” out this theory it didn’t work, so I didn’t continue reading the book, instead I watched the movie. After watching the movies, I still thought this idea was too good to be true and it couldn’t work because if it did then why are so many people in poverty or going through such hard times? Those individuals couldn’t possibly be thinking their way into these types of circumstances, right?

This time around I actually put all my bias away and read the book. I’m not finished but I gave The Secret a shot and it’s a pretty good book.  I’m currently at the half way through and I’m beginning to understand how my thoughts have affected my views on life. Sometimes I can think a little too negatively or act a little woe is me, and that focus on those types of  events create a spotlight for similar events to happen to me. From reading the book I understand that’s focusing on those types of events will create the very situations that I don’t want, which is true.  Like this one day I was at my Uncle’s house for a family party. This party was right after I got a detention because I “skipped gym” …anyway  to make a long story short, my aunt was called by the  principle  and she  informed my father and mother what happened at school . The next time I saw my aunt was at the family get-together at my uncle’s house. I was so embarrassed.  I didn’t want to see her or do anything that would bring attention to me.  I remember thinking “please don’t let my aunt ask me about my detention”, so while I was at this party I avoided her at every chance and everything was going good … until prayer.  I remember running upstairs for something and walking back downstairs in the basement to join everyone  in prayer.   Then all of a sudden everything went heltaskelta (Philly Slang meaning, Crazy as hell).  Guess who tumbled down the basement stairs stopping at the feet of the aunt that she just so happen to be avoiding… me.

She then asked me, “so how’s school?” Now if I didn’t think that shit up, who did?

So here’s the project, I’m going to continue reading The Secret then I’m going to actually put the book’s theory to the test ( once again ,but without my bias thoughts) , I’m going to spend five minutes a day for at least a month thinking about what I actually want out of life and see what happens.

I’ll create a list of my wants and keep this post updated.

So go out and buy The Secret or just watch it on Netflix or YouTube and, hold all your opinions until you’ve finished the book. Who knows maybe you could create your own project to test The Secret’s theory.

Oh, yes the fall did hurt (on the inside and the outside lol).



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