If I won the lottery!

I never played the lottery before a day in my life. Why? I just don’t think my chances would be very high and I’m just not a gambler.  If one day I decided to smack down some money on a ticket and actually won the lottery this is what I’d do:

If I won the $40 Million jackpot I would…

1. Not be on television telling the world… ain’t nobody got time for that lol

2. I would give 3/4 th of my winnings to my parents, so they don’t have to work anymore, get a new house ,and be set. (In this case using the $40 M jackpot , my parents would have $30 Million )

3. I would take my ass back to work , but this time working would be different because I wouldn’t actually have to work, so if the boss is out of line one day this is all I’m going to say ,”I don’t need this my man got two jobs!” lol.

I’m pretty sure working would be different if I didn’t actually have to work to save and survive because I had  $10 Milli of my winnings cooking in the pot.

Whoever won the lottery this go around good luck and happy spending.



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