Month: December 2012

When it’s time to say goodbye.

I wish I could write out this letter and send it.

Today, what can I say it was some bull (tamar Braxton voice). I don’t understand why certain people are allowed to do certain things, while others are not. I can’t go into detail about what I’m talking about , which sucks, but what I can say is that  May 2013 this situation will be gone. I know that nothing is perfect it never will be , but I am sick and tired of being taken advance of because others are slacking  whatever skill that you admire. I’m sick of being a work horse and not having the fun or doing the things that I actually want to do. So here’s my resolution for 2013,,, no more victim, now i’m doing me.


When enough is enough

What situations at work would make you throw in the freaking towel? As a intern i’ve experienced a lot of shitty things, and at those times I felt that this is the work of interns so I had to deal with them. But one day, I finally throw in the towel because A. I wasn’t getting paid and B. I was getting sick and wasn’t feeling like myself when I went to that internship. So my question today is would you stay at a job even though its making you physically ill?

The Secret Update Un!

Hello my Emmi’s,

A few weeks ago, I wrote about The Secret and began my secret testing journey. I wanted to start off with something small, so I tried to attract a beautiful bouquet of roses in to my life.

A little refresher, my testing process involved taking five minutes a day visualizing the roses into my life. I also spent two minutes a day writing a gratitude list.

Any results?  None. First, I haven’t been very committed to the five minutes visualization process.  In the beginning of my testing, I did my process for a full week without missing a day, but then I got busy and forgot to do it. In The Secret it says when this happens it’s  like sending mixed signals to the universe about what you really want, to be honest I’m confused about what I really want out of life, which could also be the reason why I haven’t experience anything yet, as far as receiving roses.

But, the gratitude writing really changed my mindset and let me see that I’ve a whole lot to be thankful for and that I’m blessed and shouldn’t be waiting for things to happen because they eventually will.

I haven’t succeeded at attracting the roses into my life, but The Secret actually works. I remember when I first read The Secret, I recently graduated from college and I didn’t know what my plan was next in life. I made a list of either going back to school, attaining my master’s degree, or focusing on finding any type of job before going after my dream job.  I found nothing the economy was bad. I didn’t want to do retail again and thank god I still lived with my parents and didn’t have some other circumstances or any financial hardships.

I signed up for temp agencies and I began looking in to graduate schools. I remember reading a chapter in  The Secret that mentioned  about acting like something is  yours  to make it happen , basically believing  that you can achieve something and it will come true. That’s what I did with graduate school, I filled out an application to only one graduate program and had faith that I was going to get in. I remember making plans about going back to school and saying things like, “When I get back to school in the Fall I’ll join this association or that club”. I had a school mindset and even when my feelings wavered about school I would remember the positive words my family and friends said, “You’ll get in”. Then I thought about paying for grad school and I prayed to get a scholarship ,so that added into my whole graduate school Secret process. I held a belief that I would be accepted into a grad school in the Fall and would have a scholarship to pay the way.

So… the big day came I had an interview with the Dean. I was nervous, I had to do a writing assignment and somehow in my mind I thought that I wasn’t a good writer and I wouldn’t get in. Guess what happen… I did my writing test and did a great job, but it didn’t matter because the Dean didn’t read it. She put me into the graduate program based on my grade point average from undergrad (check grad school off the list).  She then told me that one of her students switched from full-time to part-time status because she got a job. The Dean offered me her scholarship as Graduate Assistant at open houses for the University, which covered my books and other costs.

This was a blessing and now that I’m writing this story I’ve  realized that The Secret actually did work previously in my life for things that I really wanted to attain!  I never really thought over that process until now.

Another post college story, I remembered telling different people in my life that I wanted to go in to the Marketing field. I talked with them about my goals and aspirations in that field.  Some of my family and friends said, “oh their firing in that department not hiring” ” it’s going to be hard getting into that field because its only three people in a department” , negative stuff like that, which made me believe that I wasn’t going to get a job in marketing and gave me a negative mindset.

I began telling people who  asked me about the type job I wanted , “oh I love marketing but I know i won’t find a job in the field ,so i’m going to try different jobs and fields  until I find something I like”. But, deep inside I still wanted a job in marketing and I changed my mindset and believed that one day I would be the head of a marketing a beauty/fashion brand, that one day I would have a job similar to Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad ( they worked in Marketing/PR), that was my goal.

Guess what…. it happened.  Now I have my first real job in marketing. I had great internships while in graduate school working in Marketing/ Advertising fields.  Yes my department is very small, but my goal come true… YES!

This theory actually works! From thinking back into my memory’s museum (reading old diaries) I found that The Secret teachings actually did work in my life FOR THINGS THAT I ACTUALLY WANTED. Currently, I don’t really care for the roses and that’s probably why they didn’t show up, but NOW I’m a firm believer in “like attracts like”.  What you believe can come true.

What should you do?

Go and get The Secret, read the book for yourself , keep a diary or journal , and write down your thoughts, maybe you’ll look up one day and realize the one thing that you were trying to attract into your life has actually came true, like I did.

Oh, if you didn’t guess the testing is OVA… it works.


Professional Nails with a Twist

Greetings and Salutations,

Ok now that I’m a part of the “real world” I’ve noticed that some of the business professional etiquette taught in my college business course isn’t so strict. I remember in my senior year of college hearing my business professor stressing the importance of professional appearance (full suit and neat hands, no color). I took what he said to heart and whenever I had an interview even if I just got my nails done, the color was coming off. After a few interviews I learned that it’s not so cut and dry (depending on the field or company) some industries are very relaxed and others are not. I now wear a black dress with a blazer instead of a full stuffy suit, but that depends on the interview. Basically, there are opinions not one strict way to dress and this is the same with the hands. Women can wear color on their hands in a professional environment as long as the color is a soft or dark color.
What’s a soft color? Soft colors are the nude, soft pinks and blues, and soft pastels of the world. These colors aren’t banned to your feet only ladies they can go on your hands as well in the office. I’ve created a Pinterest board of work appropriate nail colors. Later this week I’ll create a professional design that you can wear to work as well. I love nails and now through my experience I can still have fun creating cool designs, and experimenting with color without worrying about not being seen as a professional.