Professional Nails with a Twist

Greetings and Salutations,

Ok now that I’m a part of the “real world” I’ve noticed that some of the business professional etiquette taught in my college business course isn’t so strict. I remember in my senior year of college hearing my business professor stressing the importance of professional appearance (full suit and neat hands, no color). I took what he said to heart and whenever I had an interview even if I just got my nails done, the color was coming off. After a few interviews I learned that it’s not so cut and dry (depending on the field or company) some industries are very relaxed and others are not. I now wear a black dress with a blazer instead of a full stuffy suit, but that depends on the interview. Basically, there are opinions not one strict way to dress and this is the same with the hands. Women can wear color on their hands in a professional environment as long as the color is a soft or dark color.
What’s a soft color? Soft colors are the nude, soft pinks and blues, and soft pastels of the world. These colors aren’t banned to your feet only ladies they can go on your hands as well in the office. I’ve created a Pinterest board of work appropriate nail colors. Later this week I’ll create a professional design that you can wear to work as well. I love nails and now through my experience I can still have fun creating cool designs, and experimenting with color without worrying about not being seen as a professional.


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