Out with the old, in with the New

Here’s a list  of things that need to be gone with 2012.

1. Alicia Keys’ new album

The illuminati can’t make me like  Girl on Fire by replaying the song over and over.

2. People on their pooh bear

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people at work or play with their bottom bellies out and it wasn’t together. No Buneo

3. The Philly drought (desperate people)

The thirstiness needs to stop in Philly, either get a drink or as angry man says, “Sat yo ass down!”

4. Focusing on the HATERS

We’ve all got them, I don’t want to hear the same stuff from people about their haters.  Get ya life!

5. People that are Haterish but complain they’re always hated on


6. Butt Crack

 Need I say more.

7. Ratchet

 Use the  word correctly or don’t use it at all.

8. Crazy people on the bus

 The people who make you uncomfortable: waiting for the bus, on the bus or getting off the bus needs to go.

9. Laziness

 This goes out to the people who don’t try anything but complain and people who rely on others to do their work .

10. Obama Haters

 Obama is  president, get over it #obamaforthatass

11. Kim K and Kanye West

Who gives a Damncare

12.Close talkers

 The breath on these people is always rank. If you’re  a close talker learn personal space in 2013 and brush that tongue.


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