The Albums and Songs that need to win a Grammy

What am I currently playing on repeat? These songs  and albums right here is what needs to be on the radio instead of just the old Beyonce songs, Alicia Keys struggle song and what ever else ain’t really good.

Number Uno. Solange  and Dev Haynes- True

 True is the best album in the world it’s really different from what’s on the radio.

Favorite Songs:Lovers in the Parking lot and Bad Girls (These songs should and need to be on all radio stations around the world.)

Dos. Rihanna- Unapologetic

I know people love to hate her, but I love her new album . I like that she has a  different sound with every album Side note,  wasn’t Rihanna prettier before the nose job? Yes.

Favorite songs: Stay and Loooveeee Song ft. Future 

Of course I’m late with hearing great songs so these picks are current for me but old for others.

Blind Mary by Gnarls Barkley

This is a completely different mix… loves it.

The Panties by Mos Def

This song right here will change a bad mood into a happy one.

I’m all for different types of music because I listen to a wide range of artists.  I hate the radio because it seems like the same five songs are being played, is this just a Philly thing or does this happen on radio stations around the world?


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