What do ya dooo when you work with an ass? ( singing to the klondike bar theme music)

Hello peeps,

A few days ago,  a high school student asked me about my job ,and how I handle conflict situations in the workplace. I was so excited because someone wanted to hear my story and opinion. I felted very honored and special. When I was asked this question it really made me think because I have dealt with difficult situations that in my everyday life I would have handle totally differently from my work life. I answered her question by saying “stay professional”. I further explained that sometimes in work environments you deal with very different types of personalities, and at the end of the day you learn how to work pass these barriers and the difficult situation.  A person can’t just punch their boss or coworker out because they disrespected them, that’s how you end up with no job …  in the present or future and a case lol.

I also informed  her that some situations will need the assists of Human Resources because you shouldn’t be sexually harassed or degraded in other ways on the job ( and those things are against the law).  While waiting for the bus, we went into more detail about our work history and other situations , but all in all our conversation made me feel good.

So my question to my lovely readers, how do you deal with bitches( female and male) or other difficult types of situations in the workplace?



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