Why people BE so joe #phillyslang


Today was a very interesting one.  I’m trying to get used to the “real world”. This is actually my first time being in the “real world” because I’ve been in academia for so long. In college even though the students are of legal age, they are in a protected place  away from some of the reality in the world, well that’s what some people think anyway.

Now why am I writing this post? I’m writing this post because currently I’m pissed off. Angry feelings are running through my veins and steaming through my pores because people who I thought were adults act liking children over bullshit. The adults that I thought were real are fake as shit. I’m mad because doing the right things in life sometimes let you see the evil intentions of others, and I still get fucked in the end. I’m writing angry because a veil  is  being put over someone else’s eyes so that they can believe the behavior they exhibited all day was RIGHT. If this is the real world, I can’t wait for the good shit that I always here about.



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