Month: June 2013

Waiting for Perfection


Is there really a perfect time in life? A time where everything is right. You have the job of your dreams,and you’re saving for the future. That cute guy finally asked you out,and you guys are planning on getting married (big ass jump, I know lol). 

I had a conversation with a woman on the bus about this topic. I was telling her that I was waiting for the perfect time to move to New York. She kindly told me to move now because there will never be a perfect time because LIFE IS NOT PERFECT. Her advice smacked me in the face like a pimp’s hand. Something so simple as that has never crossed my mind; maybe it’s because I am a Virgo and we’re always looking to make everything perfect, but her reply really opened up my eyes that I will never have that perfect time, so I met as well though caution to the wind.

What are you waiting the perfect time to accomplish? Don’t wait, get out and do it now.