And I’m back!

I’m writing this post listening to Lupe Fiasco’s “And He Gets the Girl”, love this song.

This is a very funny part of my life. I just turned 25  (go Virgos!), and now that I have completed a quarter milestone in my life… I feel weird.  Lupe’s song  actually speaks a lot about the stage that I’m at in now. Lupe is finally gets the courage to speak to the popular cheerleader at his school. After he expresses his very strong like for her, they began dating and his world is changed for ever because he took that leap of faith.

Now I’m at the stage of my life where I want change. I’ve written about this topic so much on this blog, but I was doing just that writing. I really didn’t take much action on accomplishing my goals and it’s mainly because I haven’t built the courage to do so.

As I listen to Lupe’s high school dreams come true. I’ve written a list of goals that I want to complete before the new year. (who says rap songs don’t encourage people).  These are goals that I’ve put on the back burner because I mainly focused building my professional life and getting my education and… because I really sucked at multitasking lol!

So now that my early twenties are behind me, I want to complete these goals before I walk into the new year.


1. Go on quality dates

2. Getting my driver’s license

3.  Building better social skills

4. Building a social life

5. Find a career

These are the only goals that I’m focusing on for the reminder of this year. Follow me along on this journey , and check out Lupe below.




  1. Love love love your goals. Its funny I am a little older than you, 33, and I share some of your goals. Go on quality dates, improve my social skills and social life are things I am working on as well. Welcome to the Chasing Joy team.

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals! I got my first grey hair on my 25th birthday so this definitely brought me back lol. You seem like a very polished, professional and focused young lady – looking forward to reading more about your progress on these items!

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