Month: October 2013

Hanging out: Fall Festival 2013


A few Sundays ago, I attended Fall Festival in Center City.  I’ve never been to an event like this before, and it was cool stepping outside of my comfort zone to experience something new.  There were tons of fun performances by the University of the Arts students, jewelry and art vendors, very yummy food from Philly’s best restaurants, and the best of all… SUMO WRESTLING!

Here are the DURING and AFTER pictures of some really good food.  I tried to take some BEFORE pictures  but… no bueno.

IMAG0054This freshly made lovely took a twist on the classic chocolate hardshell ice cream pop because it was salted caramel flavor. This STILL has my mouth watering like Wendy Williams when she talks about food… it was that good.
IMAG0048 As you can tell from the picture, this  was close to the final stages of a banging samosa.

All in all, I had a great time catching some fresh air and having unexpected fun on a Sunday afternoon. Also, it felt good meeting new people from different backgrounds and experiencing hidden treasures in Philadelphia.

Hope to see you there next year!



Online dating, Yup

I never thought in a million years that I would be joining the millions in online dating. At first, I thought that it was for the crazy, desperate and lonely. Now, I know that my judgments were dead wrong… well half way wrong.  More and more of my friends are using popular online dating sites to find love, so I’m gave it a try too.

So on goes the makeup and finding the perfect lighting to take the PERFECT picture.  My whole goal was to  take a cute and a little sexy pic.  Dammit, I wanted all good angles lol!  After what felt like a week of taking pictures, I uploaded three that made the cut,  answered a few questions and waited a few seconds for my matches.  Then I see this…

funny profiles.If I would’ve known this… I wouldn’t have tried so very hard lol.

I find it funny that women put so much effort into having the perfect picture to attract a cute guy online. While, on the other hand, guys don’t take the same effort, or at least for the majority of the pictures I’ve seen online it didn’t seem like it.  Guys put up random pictures, like a whole group wedding photo, and you have no idea who’s trying to get a date (well atleast you know it’s not the groom.)  I saw almost a million pet pictures, which left me thinking who the hell signed up for the account the dog or him?

Either way, I had a very fun time looking at the profiles and getting messages back. I learned that I’ve got no flirting skills via the internet. How are you doing?=boring. How are you doing :)=inviting.  The thirst is REAL on dating sites. I’ve been messaged whole Word documents from guys describing  their  qualities, which is either they’ve  got a job or no kids.

After cutting through all the funny and scary. I had a really go convo with a funny guy from Philly, which made everything worth it. More deets on that and my mishaps la-tah.

Until next time 🙂