Jesse Williams Is The Realest Out There

I came across this YouTube video of Jesse Williams giving a news reporter the best America history lesson, when discussing the Jordan Davis trial.  Jesse went in to great detail about the issues that race plays in our justice system, and why he felt the verdict would be similar to the Treyon Martin case.

What I really like about Jesse Williams is that he stands by what he believes in, and doesn’t allow his celebrity to out-shadow his true opinions.  Furthermore, I admired that he stepped out and spoke about this case even though other celebrities who were very vocal about the Treyvon Martin case did not.

The verdict for the Jordan Davis case really baffles me because it should’ve been simple…life in prison. These types of cases show the world that even though America has a black president there is still a lot of work ahead for race equality in this country.  As you know, if the situation was switched of course the black teen would’ve been sentenced to life in prison, no questions asked.



    1. I love it when celebrities speak out about real issues. Especially, celebrities like Jesse Williams who actually want to make a difference and not just support different issues when they’re hot topic in the media and leave when the cameras are gone. Thanks for stopping by Julie!

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