Been Gone for A Minute, Now I’m Back With The Jump Off: August Favs

Hi Everybody!

Its been so long since I’ve blogged and a lot has changed. The most important change is I’VE GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENCE! I’m so proud of myself for completing my final goal of 2013(see the full list here). As everyone that I’ve told says, “Now it’s time for you to learn how to really drive.”(Lol!) I’m really proud of myself for completing my goals for 2013 (yay me!)  Besides becoming a new Philly driver, I’ve come across some goodies that I think you’ll love just as much as I do.

  1.– I love this blog because it reminds me that happiness is a choice. Sometimes when the going gets tough and I want to punch something out I read the positive words on Arlette’s blog to help claim all of my nerves. Favorite post:  Joyfully Confident Celebrity Women  chasingjoy_header_small Spring
  1. Spotify- Who doesn’t love Spotify? I listen to this app everywhere I go. I’ve even downloaded it to my desktop to continue my listening pleasure. Besides the bomb selection of music, I love it because I can stalk my friends’
  2. Summer’s Eve Personal Hygiene Spray- When I’m having a tough day at work and I slam open the bathroom door, yank out a seat cover and sit down. Being engulfed in Baby Power Fresh turns me back into my sweet self and no longer the Hulk; I know TMI, but get you some.summers-eve-island-splash-deodorant-spray_1
  3. Leo Dicaprio Memes- This is for all the people who’ve seen the movie A Boy’s Life.9tfim
  4. Pop up Parks- These parks highlight the talent and beauty of Philly. My favorite pop up park is Spruce Street Harbor Park because of its beautiful scenery. This is the last month that the pop up parks will be up. Take advantage!download (1)

What have you been up to this month? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. I too enjoy Chasing Joy as this Encourager always needs encouragement.

    I am still on Pandora as they offered me a sweet deal to keep the music flowing. That, coupled with Amazon and the newly added Prime Music, I an a DJ at best.

    My summer has been fabulous and filled with faith, family and friends.

    Welcome Back BLMGirl.

    1. I’m still a big fan of Pandora, but I love Spotify because you can actually listen to the song of your choice in that moment, so they got my heart lol. Your three way music hook up is dope tho! I too love ChasingJoy! The blog help me realize how important it is to focus on creating your own happiness, and it’s very inspiring to know someone who’s doing just that. Thanks for stopping by Yulunda! Thanks for showing a follow BLMGirl some love.

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