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Our First Date…


So remember the southern gentlemen that I told you about? After our second Skype date he asked me out on a real date. I was so excited because everything was going pretty well, so I really wanted to meet him.

Picking our first date location was when I started to see more of his true colors. He wanted our FIRST date to be at the Kanye West concert… ah no!  Now I thought this wasn’t the best idea because obviously we wouldn’t be able to communicate to each other, while dance around to Yeeuz. So, I thought that going to the museum would be a great first date, especially since he’s new to the city. Now even though I didn’t like the concert idea, I gave him the respect to just say no. He didn’t even give my idea a chance, stating “museums are corny” (strike one).  I felt the way that he shot down my date idea was disrespectful and lacked taste, especially when his idea was a freakin’ concert.

So, I decided to let that comment roll off my shoulders, and we both agreed to meet  Saturday at  Maggiano’s.  Notice what’s missing from the equation… the TIME.  I suggested we meet for lunch around 1pm,   He’s response was “oh, you’re not spontaneous are you? Does everything have to be planned out?”. I said, “Yes!” He thought 1pm was too early because the weekend is his only time to sleep in, so instead of suggesting a different time, he wanted to play it by ear to when HE woke up (strike two).  He finally agreed to the  1pm time.  Now, even though all of these little signs were pop rockin’ in my face, I still decided to go on the date.

So it’s date time! I’m put on a cute outfit, makeup and hair was cute. I went over all the dating tips you guys give me (Yes, I was listening).  The tip that stuck with me the most was listening to my gut.   Mr. Southern Gentlemen arrived to the restaurant an half hour before I did. I get to the restaurant and couldn’t find him. I checked in with the hostess to see if he grabbed  a table, but he didn’t check in.  I go into the restaurant looking for him… and it turns out his at the damn bar.

What I failed to tell you guys about Mr. Southern Gentlemen is that he likes to drink… hard beverages( alcohol) . He would tell me about his adventures in drinking while on Skype.   He thought that drinking would’ve been a part of his career, just in case you were wondering– it’s NOT.  So when he hugged me from behind smelling like beer and wearing a grey hoodie,  I knew that this wouldn’t go any further.

We were ushered to our seats. We’re sitting in a huge booth that could seat about 8 people, so  instead of sitting across from each other, we’re sitting next to each other, which made talking really weird. But, the first thing that he does when we sit down is look at me like this

drunk face

I’m like damn homie, really. He claimed that he only had one beer. Yeah right. As the date goes on, my dislikes for him increases.  I found him to be extremely annoying.  He tells me that LOVE isn’t a necessity and that no man in their twenties is looking for love because they’re focused on their careers, so since my hands were washed of this dating situation… I gave not a damn care.

When the waiter asked if we wanted a dessert menu, Mr. Southern Gentlemen screamed “Noooo!” because he thought the prices at the restaurant were too high, even though he agreed on the restaurant! So the last part of our date was to walk around the city of Brotherly Love. He had to go to the bathroom and wanted me to wait for him outside of the restroom. I told him that I would wait for him outside. While he walked to the bathroom, I was walking to the sub.

What I learned from this date gone hella wrong:

1. The writing is on the wall, dammit read it!- I had millions of signs that showed me  that he was selfish, careless and not the right match for me, but I decided to not pay attention to them.

3. An Ace and a Queen aren’t a match- I was really trying to make our differences match, but I couldn’t, and dating shouldn’t be work, it should be fun!

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First comes the app, then comes the phone

Hello all,


Ok, so remember my first post about joining an online dating site and all my mishaps and craziness (if you didn’t get a chance to check it out, read it here )? At the end of that post, I spoke about meeting a good guy.  I was messaged by a Southern gentlemen who relocated to Philadelphia for a job opportunity. We hit it off pretty quickly because we shared  the love for the Walking Dead, live concerts and  reading good books. Since our conversations were going so well online, I decided to ask him for  his phone number. Now I know what you’re thinking… the guy is supposed to make the first move. I tried yall… I really did try, but I just thought he was taking to long to ask. Maybe he didn’t know the right time or didn’t want to seem forceful I don’t know, but I thought it was a good time to move this thing along.

Our first conversation on the phone was great. He’s a jokers. I got to learn more about his background , and really it just felt like I was talking to an old friend. Surprisingly , I felt comfortable speaking with him.  The only weird part is whenever we talk I keep reminding myself that I don’t really know him . Yes, I know his favorite things to do, some of his family background and his job title, but I feel that there’s something missing.  I don’t know if I’m being uptight with this, but I still have some apprehensive due to all the Lifetime movies where the women finds the perfect man online and ends up with a knife to her throat! This is my way of  not getting to caught up in the greatness of him and remembering the reality of the situation.  This is true with dating period, whether it’s online or in person.

For all those who’ve tried online dating, what methods do you use to keep yourself safe while cruising for love online?